Dragon NaturallySpeaking can increase the productivity of officers

Spend less time on paperwork, more time protecting and serving

Dictate incident reports and other documents quickly and accurately—all by voice—and make the process of reporting faster, safer and more efficient with Dragon speech recognition.

Speech recognition increases productivity by providing your force with a faster, easier way to complete administrative work. By helping your officers get through the stacks of paperwork more quickly, you’ll not only reduce overtime, but you can get them back to the critical business of protecting your community sooner. Dragon speech recognition enables officers to create documents and email, search the web, and control their PCs entirely by voice – whether there at their desk or out on patrol. They just speak into a noise canceling microphone or a wireless headset connected to their PC. Dragon “recognizes” the spoken words, converts them into text, and displays them on the computer screen.

The best weapon in the fight
against paperwork is your voice

The challenge:
For law enforcement professionals, time spent on the job is valuable. But like many professions, they face reporting challenges. Police officers, for instance, can spend an hour or more typing up a single incident report. For police sergeants, paperwork can consume up to 45 percent of the workday. Multiply these documentation inefficiencies across an entire department and the result is valuable time spent away from protecting and serving the public. There is better way.

The solution:
Armed with Dragon speech recognition, law enforcement professionals have a faster and more accurate way to safely and efficiently improve daily reporting and documentation demands, speed data entry into records management systems (RMS) and conduct common lookup tasks, like license plate and arrest lookups—all by voice. Departments can eliminate paperwork backlogs and transcription costs, while improving report detail and accuracy—enabling law enforcement professionals to spend less time on documentation tasks and more time keeping communities safe.

Speed data entry within records management systems. Use powerful dictation to complete reports 3x faster than typing with up to 99% accuracy right out of the gate.

Tackle report writing efficiently.Reduce the time tethered to a computer manually typing reports and allow officers to be more visible in the community and more productive in their patrol cars.

Improve the immediacy and accuracy of reports. There’s no need to decipher handwritten notes or try to recall details from hours before. Police officers can dictate in real-time to ensure reporting detail and accuracy.

Improve mobile documentation.Using Dragon Anywhere Group, cloud-based professional-grade mobile dictation, law enforcement professionals can complete reports and fill out forms-all by voice-using their iOS or Android device.

Increase officer safety.Documenting by voice allows officers to be heads-up and more situationally aware by minimizing the need for use of the mobile data terminal (MDT) keyboard while on patrol.

Quick and easy central management. Easy software license management for law enforcement IT staff with the ability to manage user profiles and custom settings.



Officers can also dictate into a digital voice recorder sch as a PUMA 4 Digital Recorder for automatic transcription when they connect to their PC. Either way, Dragon turns talk into text 3 times faster than typing-with up to 99% accuracy-using virtually any Windows-based application. With Dragon, officers can complete paperwork with unprecedented speed and ease so they have more time to focus on the most important aspects of law enforcement.


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